Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to spot tops and bottoms via church denominations

I am so going to get in trouble for this but what the heck. A small change of pace from the seriousness of lgbt equality featuring an online buddy of mine and a very talented comedian, Sampson.

In his very hilarious fashion, Sampson talks about the obvious prevalence of gay men in black church and how they act how to recognize each denomination by their "sexual" likes and dislikes. (i.e. tops or bottoms).

And please, folks. No expository about homophobia in the black church, etc. The whole purpose of this video is to laugh yourself silly while noting the truth in Sampson's words. Definitely NSFW:

'Caitlyn Jenner pens wonderful letter on lessons learned' & other Tue midday news briefs

It's the commercial everyone is talking about, so naturally I'm including it in my news briefs:

Lessons I've Learned Since Coming Out - This wonderful piece by Caitlyn Jenner epitomizes something I've felt for a long time. She has been catching a lot of flack because of her opinions and such and personally I think the lgbt community has been too rough on her. It all goes back to our expectations when a celebrity comes out as an lgbt. Some of us automatically anoint them as our leaders and spokespeople and expect them to be perfect when such an idea is simply impossible. Just because Caitlyn is a transgender woman doesn't mean her opinions automatically and magically change from what they were before she came out.  And it doesn't mean that they are positively conducive to the community. As we all should remember and attest to, coming out as an lgbt is a educational process. I can tell you that once upon a time, I had negative opinions about the transgender community (20 years ago) that I no longer have. At the end of the day we need to listen and learn from each other. And most of all, give each other trust.

Mississippi’s Indefensible Campaign To Save Its Uniquely Anti-Gay Law - Mississippi is attempting to keep its ban on gay couples adopting children. I don't think it's going to be successful.

  Vast Majority Of Americans Across Nearly Every Demographic Think Kim Davis Is Wrong - Oh come on. Just one more Kim Davis post. 

 South Carolina paying $215K to gay marriage plaintiffs - Give it up! Turn it loose!  

Jindal: Gays Pushing 'Discrimination Against Christians' - We are? Doggone it! That's another memo I didn't get!