Monday, April 24, 2023

Matt Walsh whines helplessly about jailing Lizzo for including drag queens in her concert

What a wonderful day for truth and karma. In case you haven't heard, Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News. And he didn't even know it was going to happen until he was informed of it today. Apparently he was in the middle of negotiating a five year contract.

Why it happened is speculative. There were so many reasons for the Murdochs to let go of this substandard, mediocre bigoted trust fund baby. It could have been a result of them having to pay $787 million to Dominion to settle its lawsuit, which Carlson contributed greatly to being filed. Maybe or maybe not. No doubt, Fox will probably fill his time slot with someone equally nauseating and I'm sure he will probably bounce back. But who gives a shit. Carlson has been fired and publicly humiliated. And it will follow him throughout his entire career.

Speaking of people deserving the sweet kick of karma, let's talk Matt Walsh for a second. He has made a career out of picking on LGBTQ people, particularly the transgender community. Like Carlson, he is a bully and, as with all bullies, when up against someone who can match him, he shrinks and becomes the whiny bitch we all knew lurked inside of him.

In this case, the person who shut him down is successful and talented artist Lizzo.  Last weekend, Lizzo brought out a bunch of drag queens during her Tennessee concert. She was making a statement against the recently passed - and held up by the courts - state law which bans drag in public places and in front of kids.

Matt had something to say about what she did. And it underscored his weakness.

It ain't gonna happen, Matt. I doubt Tennessee is that stupid. Then again . . .

I should warn everyone that some folks on the thread make cruel remark about Lizzo and the drag queens. They typify Walsh's weakness and the weakness of others who denigrate drag queens and bully LGBTQ people in general. When having to deal with strong opposition, they resort to elementary school taunts.  It simply proves that deep inside  they all are nothing more than babies who throw tantrums when they don't get their bottles.

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