Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Black conservative whines about being 'canceled.' Wants us to forget how she used her gay son to hide her group's homophobia

Editor's note - in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month 2021, I pledge to be as mean-spirited and as vicious to the religious right and the anti-LGBTQ industry as possible while tight-roping expertly on the thin line of good taste. And hopefully tonight's post is the beginning.

Kay Coles James

Thanks to my good friend Zack Ford (whose very engrossing substack, Fording The River Styx, you should be signed up for right now), I was made aware of the following tweet:

From 2017 to earlier this year, James was the head of the far-right group The Heritage Foundation. And it's perfectly alright if some of you haven't heard of her. Right-wing groups generally like to keep black conservatives either hidden or under wraps unless they find some use for them, such as speaking ill about African-Americans in general (why hello there, Candace Owens) or leveraging their ethnicity to speak against a Democratic position on black issues.

But in 2019, James did something extra special which no doubt made her a star in the eyes of the conservative industry. Or as I put it in my response to her "I am a black person with her own mind and that's why the left tried to cancel me" tweet:

And yes, I got the "receipts." Hell, I wrote about it in 2019:

James was recently embroiled in a controversy involving Google. The company invited her to be a member of its Artificial Intelligence ethics board. However, her inclusion was protested so venomously by Google employees and other people that the company ended up disbanding the board. James was interviewed earlier this month by Shannon Bream of Fox News because of the Google controversy. She claimed that she wasn't homophobic because she has a gay son.

Homophobe? I don't think so. You know, I, I, I've never talked about it publicly, but I have a gay son whom I love beyond all measure. And he and his community have welcomed me, have helped me grow, have helped me to understand. There’s no hatred there. That’s my child you are talking about.

Oh really?

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