Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Daily Wire host claims there can't be a genocide against trans people because they aren't 'a legitimate category of being'

Michael Knowles

Recently, Daily Wire host (and failed actor) Michael Knowles said transgenderism should be "banned." His comments caught a lot of deserved criticisms. Many pointed out that dehumanizing people by labeling them as abstract concepts makes it disturbingly easy to do them harm.

In other words, folks pointed out that Knowles was implying genocide. 

Knowles certainly didn't take the criticism well. In another video, he tried to "explain" what he meant but proceeded to dig deeper into the hole he made for himself. So deep in fact that he figuratively hit a sewer line which spewed its contents all over him.

To summarize his long-winded tangent -  he said you can't commit genocide against trans people because "they aren't a legitimate category of being."

Another person watching this clip pointed out the chilling truth behind it and Knowles's initial statement. Knowles is in fact rationalizing harming trans people and in the backdrop of many state lawmakers trying to pass anti-trans legislation across the country, it would be a mistake to take what he is saying lightly.

He reminds me of that eerie scene in the movie 'Silence of the Lambs' in which the serial killer deliberately doesn't talk directly to his kidnapped victim and refers to her as "it." In doing so, he doesn't have to acknowledge that she is a human being who he intends to murder.

I'm certainly not accusing Knowles of being a body-skinning serial killer. To me, he's much worse. He's a coward egging on others to do the dirty work while making excuses for them.

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Daily Wire host: “You have to ban transgenderism entirely”- Trans people is not an "ism." This is so vile and it underscores why trans Americans are so scared right now. You would be scared to if people dehumanize you and then talk about "banning" you. And these folks aren't even shy about openly declaring it.