Wednesday, April 19, 2023

'Professional transphobe' Matt Walsh got hacked AND demonetized. Hackers got access to 20 years of emails.

Matt Walsh isn't having a good week.

I DO NOT agree with anyone getting hacked. BUT at the same time, Matt Walsh is a hateful bastard who has caused harm to a lot of innocent people, particularly our trans brothers and sisters. And especially our trans kids.

So I will simply watch this one without feeling the least bit sorry for him.

From Daily Dot:

Conservative mouthpiece Matt Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked on Tuesday evening. The hacker used the opportunity to promote an explicit song about gay sex and disparage Walsh’s allies. His supporters are outraged over the hacking. 

 Walsh is a Daily Wire personality who has made his name as a professional transphobe. Lately, he’s been pushing the Bud Light boycott over the brand giving transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a commemorative can. On Tuesday, Walsh’s 1.7 million followers noticed an abrupt shift in his discourse. Whoever had control of his account made their pinned tweet, “My pronouns are That/N***a.” An archive of the account, while it was under the hacker’s control, shows that they tagged his colleague Ben Shapiro and accused him of being gay. 

They also called Joe Rogan a pedophile and claimed that Andrew Tate “kidnapped and r*ped those girls.” Tate is accused of trafficking women for sex, which he denies. There’s no evidence the allegations about Shapiro and Rogan are true. Walsh’s hacker also tweeted, “My Twitter isn’t hacked. This is just the real me coming out.” 

 And according to Mediaite, it gets more interesting:

  Daily Wire coounder Jeremy Boreing revealed on Wednesday that the hack of Matt Walsh’s Twitter account the day before was just the tip of the iceberg of the digital assault on Walsh – one of the right’s most controversial figures. 

 . . . Boreing wrote on Twitter, “You may be aware that @MattWalshBlog had his @Twitter account hacked last night.” “What you may not know is that the attack went well beyond Twitter,” Boreing added, noting, “The hackers have managed to gain access to, well, everything, including twenty years of Matt’s emails.”

Dell Cameron, reporter from Wired magazine, interviewed the hacker on Wednesday. The interview led Cameron to get banned permanently from Twitter because of its rule about passing along hacked material.

Forbes magazine said:

The hacker, known only as Doomed, told Cameron he was able to gain access to Walsh’s account through a technique known as SIM swapping. The technique typically involves spoofing the target’s phone number in a way that allows the hacker to intercept text messages in order to circumvent protections like two-factor authentication. But Doomed reportedly told Cameron that they had help from an “insider.”

 Doomed also claimed that he gained access to Walsh’s Google and Microsoft accounts, a claim that couldn’t be independently verified, though Doomed reportedly sent Cameron a copy of Walsh’s W2 tax form. Doomed also provided Wired with messages between Walsh and conservative commentator Steven Crowder as well as Ben Shapiro.

And the week got worse for Walsh. Or rather better for those who despise his online bullying. He got demonetized on Youtube

Like i said before, I don't agree with hacking but it's difficult to feel sorry for a man who has made a career out of undermining the rights, health, and safety of trans people:

Walsh proudly refers to himself as a “theocratic fascist” and made a name for himself online by focusing his ire at the trans and LGBTQ community, drag queens, and women who would dare use terms like “girl boss.” Walsh has made incendiary statements like calling the Pride Flag a “hate symbol” and saying he would “rather be dead” than have a trans child.

Walsh has also called for the execution of physicians who give gender-affirming care to trans youth. In this world, you sometimes get what you give. When you give hate, don't be surprise when you get it back in abundance.

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