Tuesday, March 22, 2016

'Christian' mom's 'rap attack' on transgender youth is a sin against all good taste

Two words for what you are about to say:

Lort Hammercy!

From Raw Story:

An aspiring rap artist weighed in recently on bathrooms for transgender students in Alberta schools
The song, entitled “Gender Bender” is by MH Weibe, who describes herself as a “concerned mom.” In January, Alberta schools adopted legislation requiring bathroom facilities to accommodate transgender people by allowing them to use the bathroom according to the gender they identify as, Global News reports.
Weibe raps that she doesn’t think the issue should be legislated but instead focus should be placed on preventing cuts in classrooms, and also that she thinks being transgender is unnatural.

Yes, it is as bad as you think. And I'm not just talking about the ignorance and transphobia.  No offense but her rap is so bad, the ghosts of Biggie and Tupac are looking for her ass:

 If I were you, I would hurry up and take a gander at this thing because I have a feeling that it will be taken down. I'm talking youtube itself will take the form of a sentient being, destroy this monstrosity, and then join the ghosts of Biggie and Tupac in looking for this woman 

'Trump's potential SCOTUS picks may be trouble for gays' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Editor's note - All of my prayers and good thoughts go to the innocents in Brussels caught up in today's madness. I further wish that our media would use discernment and care in terms of who they seek comments from and that we all don't break out the pitchforks before we find out the truth of the matter.

Trump quietly plans to do dirty to lgbts via SCOTUS choices

Trump Says He Will Only Appoint To Supreme Court Nominees Approved By Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant Group - Well Trump just became a larger nightmare for the lgbt community.  In this article he says will only appoint SCOTUS nominees approved by the Heritage Foundation. That's the "lovely group" which, amongst other things, employs the very anti-gay Ryan T. Anderson. I can just imagine that little Mr. Anderson is drooling over the thought of picking SCOTUS judges.

Gay “Cures” Are Harmful And Don’t Work, Says World’s Largest Body Of Psychiatrists - Yep and the more legitimate medical bodies saying this, the better.

NC Lawmakers Announce Special Session for Wednesday to Void Charlotte LGBT Protections Ordinance - Sigh! Oh well, North Carolina. You will learn.

‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Reminds Us That AIDS Isn’t A Problem Of The Past Amen.

Why some gays are part of the problem - Kevin Jennings nails it. Or let me put it another way - "LGB will NOT drop the T." PERIOD.