Friday, July 27, 2018

'NBC spotlights GOP attack on LGBTQ families' & other Fri midday news briefs

As evidence supporting LGBTQ families mounts, legal hurdles loom - Thank you NBC for putting the spotlight on the GOP's "religious liberty" anti-gay adoption bill. I still have one problem with the coverage. I know it sounds cold, but I really do believe that how gay taxpayers are erased by this bill should be considered. Children need good families, no matter if they are LGBTQ families or heterosexual families. AND LGBTQ taxpayers shouldn't have to give our hard earned tax dollars to entities which discriminate against us. We are being told that we should pay for a service that we can't have because we are supposedly inferior. If my gay dollars is good enough for an entity to have, then giving me respect should also be a must.

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Why Trump's Putin Fixation Is an LGBT Problem - Trump's existence in the Oval Office itself is an LGBT problem. His Putin fixation only make things worse. 

British teen banned from doing drag in school talent show invited to perform with Drag Race queens - Wonderful! I love a happy ending!