Tuesday, October 28, 2014

'Southern Baptist Convention practice its homophobic schizophrenia in public' & other Tuesday afternoon news briefs

Even as I speak, probably the one of the most schizophrenic event in American Christiandom is taking place - the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention is having a conference. This is when Southern Baptists get together and proclaim "we have been too mean to homosexuals even though they are sinners who can change but will go to hell if they don't,"

This means you will see positive things like this:

Another evangelical leader comes out against so-called reparative therapy

coupled with awful mess like this:

 Watch This ADF Attorney Call Matthew Shepard’s Murder A Hate Crime Hoax

Now if you want to read the lowdown on the first day of this hot mess of an event, check out Jeremy Hooper's post:

 Looking at Day One of the Southern Baptist's anti-LGBT conference

In other news:

 Apple CEO Tim Cook challenges home state of Alabama on LGBT rights - Good for him!

 Report: Conservative Who Called For Secession, New Anti-Gay Country Named Reagan Gets Fired - Nelson Muntz from 'The Simpsons' says it best: "HA! HA!"

Robert Oscar Lopez: Gay Parents Put Kids At Risk By Encouraging Them To 'Dabble In That World' - This is the SAME Robert Oscar Lopez who throws a bitchy tantrum when we call him out for saying junk like this.