Monday, April 01, 2019

'Democrats hate our troops,' says hate group which actually hates our troops

To commemorate Transgender Day of Visibility and to voice disagreement with Trump's ridiculous ban of transgender men and women serving in the military, Democratic lawmakers have been conducting symbolic but meaningful gestures. These gestures, such as hanging the transgender equality flag outside their Capitol Hill offices, were meant to show support to the transgender community

The conservative and religious right zeroed in on the allegation that some lawmakers were supposedly replacing the POW/MIA flag for the transgender equality flag.   Newsweek identified only one lawmaker, Representative Kim Schrier,  who did it. But to hear conservative and right-wing publications spin it, Democrats supposedly replaced the POW/MIA flag en masse.

 And leave it to SPLC-designated hate group the Family Research to zero in without any shred of self-awareness:

Is it Capitol Hill or a transgender pride parade? In some hallways, it's tough to tell. The same Democrats who think our military should take a backseat to gender-free validation are proving it by lining the walls of House office buildings with "trans equality" flags. And in case our troops didn't know where they ranked with Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) party, some even took down POW displays to make room. 
It's a jarring sight on the 5th floor of the Longworth House Office Building. A sea of baby blue and pink flags greets everyone who walks by -- an unpleasant reminder of just where the new majority's priorities are. Not that anyone really needed reminding. Late yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) party made it quite clear what they thought about our service members by condemning a policy that saves our military from deadly distractions. But in the Left's hierarchy of political priorities, keeping the troops safe has always fallen way below keeping them "tolerant."

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Denise McAllister

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