Sunday, July 08, 2018

Early TBT- 'Becky with the big ole booty' steals show at anti-LGBTQ conference with interpretative dance

Call the following video an early "Throwback Thursday" gift. It's not to take lightly anything the LGBTQ community has to fight with regards to groups like the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom scheming against us with the Trump Administration. It's simply a wonderful way to ease us into another week of fighting and maintaining.

But first a little intro

In November of last year, anti-gay hate group Mass Resistance held a wildly homophobic conference filled with crackpots spinning stories about gays recruiting children, harming children, and plotting to cause all sorts of general mayhem.

Probably the most sane moment was the conference kick-off, which featured an interpretative dance with rainbow flags by a Derek Paul, who I have nicknamed "Becky with the big ole booty." Needless to say the dance caught international attention due to where it took place. Some couldn't believe that this dance was genuine.  Others thought the guy was trolling the conference.  I say "wow, he got a big ole butt"