Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scenes from the DOMA trial: It was a GOOD day

Just as I did yesterday with the Prop 8 trial, this post will look at different aspect of today's DOMA trial:

 Supreme Court DOMA Case: Justices Sounded Skeptical Of Law's Constitutionality, Purpose - Keep your fingers crossed.

  Brian Brown: Anti-Gay March Was What the Civil Rights Movement 'Must Have Felt Like' - Poor Brian Brown. He's faked persecution so long he thinks he can compare himself to those who had to overcome genuine persecution. When I'm less drained and more fired up, I intend to revisit this item and give Mr. Brown a piece of my mind. 

 14 Most Telling DOMA Moments at the Supreme Court - I love this piece.

 NOM: Here's A Great Anti-Gay Preacher - NOM makes a HUGE error here. Someone isn't earning their ill-gotten salary. 

 MSNBC’s Luke Russert Grills Evangelical Leader Tony Perkins Over His Defense Of DOMA - This was GOOOOOOOD! Russert even challenged Perkins' ridiculous notion about "children do best with a mom and a dad." Then Perkins pulled the discredited Regnerus study out of his bag. And Russert shot that down, too! Perkins looked like he stuck his hand in a hot oven and was trying to act cool about it. I love it when a journalist does his/her homework!! 

 Four Examples Of The Junk Science That’s Been Used To Defend DOMA In Court - I am CITED in this post!!! When Paul Clement, the lawyer defending DOMA, submitted his brief a while back, I broke the story that he was using junk science. 

 Barber: Children of Same-Sex Couples Live In 'Disordered and Dysfunctional Households' - Apparently when Barber read the verse in which Jesus said "suffer the little children," he misunderstood.  

NOM hopes to co-opt HRC's 'change your profile pic' success by denigrating single parents - NOM's trying to piggyback on HRC's campaign. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Marriage Equality Is Good For Many Reasons - Well heck, I could have told you that!

 The Moment When Justice Ginsburg Took Aim To Kill DOMA - Yeah, I know. Everyone is going to remember Justice Ginsberg's skim milk comparison.

 More Great Signs From The Supreme Court Marriage Equality Rallies - Because you liked the pro-marriage equality signs yesterday, here are more from today.

'Possible DOMA ruling looks good for lgbt community' and other Wednesday midday news briefs'

 Well I caught it just in time. The talk for now according to @SCOTUSblog is good. There is an 80% chance that DOMA will be struck down.  Justice Kennedy thinks it violates states' rights while four other justices see it as a case of lgbt rights. I will take that. Like I said yesterday with Prop 8, this news is EARLY, so no dances yet. Or at least no tootsie rolls or "dropping it like it's hot" until June! See @SCOTUSblog for more details.

  Bill O'Reilly: Gay Marriage Foes Can Only 'Thump The Bible' In Their Arguments (VIDEO) - Suddenly things get really spooky. Oh well, I guess not. It's rather a good thing when you can convince someone, no matter who it is, with your argument.

  Today's pro-discrimination march - Oh brother. NOM left. The Westboro Baptist Church stayed. 

Anti-Marriage Equality Bishop: ‘Sexual Abuse Does Not Happen’ In Straight Marriages - No offense to my brothers and sisters in heterosexual marriages but OH BROTHER!!

 Kansas bill calls for HIV positive people to be quarantined - What the @!$%?  

Five Lessons I’ve Learned as a Black Christian LGBT Ally - An exceptional piece from a good friend of mine, Minister Gerald Palmer.

  Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill dies, again - And good riddance!

Stunning video from yesterday and a reminder of NOM's lies

Well day one is over. Now day two will feature how the Supreme Court handles DOMA. But let's take a video look back at day one. The following video from blogger Mark S. King on youtube is reminds us about the sights and scenes from yesterday's competing rallies:

One more thing. If you haven't already shared the following video pulled from twitter, please feel free. It's a reminder of how the National Organization for Marriage plays loose with the facts: