Thursday, July 06, 2023

New DeSantis ad reeks of transphobia, homophobia, QAnon conspiracies, and sweaty desperation

This latest Ron DeSantis ad - brought to Twitter by his wife Casey - exudes desperation because he can't seen to catch up to Trump in the polls. The fact that his wife is taking the lead on this ad is significant. Apparently, he can't get shit together so she's taking the lead position.  And it seems Mrs. DeSantis is just as disastrous as her husband. I would describe this ad as the physical version of throwing sh!t at the wall and hoping some of it sticks. In this case, it's just about 'anti-woke' narrative we've been hearing lately. Except for the drag queens.  I can't believe it omitted the drag queens.

 The ad, which is supposed to be launching some silly endeavor called Mamas for DeSantis, is being justifiably condemned as some QAnon type of trash.

Several journalists and political experts blasted the "bizarre" ad. Kimberly Leonard, politics correspondent for Business Insider said, "This video reveals something I've emphasized for a while: The DeSantises are in lockstep. She is fully engaged and supportive in her husband's political rise, and when it comes to policy they agree." 

 MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan wrote, "Imagine thinking in 2023 that the threat to our kids is from…masking in a pandemic? The actual threat to our kids, missing from this video, are mass shooters in schools, who are able to exist of course with the support of GOP gun laws." 

 Former President Barack Obama staffer Tommy Vietor commented, "A couple weeks ago, the DeSantis campaign was pitching stories about how his wife was the secret weapon to help sand off his weird, rough edges. Now she's releasing insane agitprop videos. Bizarre choice!" 

 Peter Schorsch, publisher of Florida Politics, added, "The more it becomes clear @RonDeSantis will not win in 2024, the more you’ll see them position @CaseyDeSantis for 2026." Deputy Political Editor at Courier Newsroom Keya Vakil, wrote, "This is utterly indistinguishable from QAnon."

No doubt, the only success this ad will probably have is dredging up the Lady MacBeth vibes about Mrs. DeSantis that the campaign thought it killed a few months ago.

Meanwhile, this is 0-2 for DeSantis in the ad department. The first ad, from his 'war room' attacking Trump and the LGBTQ community got called out for its bizarre violent, homoerotic undertones. It also started an ugly, but highly pleasurable to watch, feud amongst gay Republicans

God help us all if this man somehow does become President. He's really NOT good at any of this.

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