Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Conservative pundits, politicians make fools of themselves as their attack on 'woke' Olympic athletes backfire

Just like they made "liberal" into a dirty word, conservatives are trying to do the same with the word "woke."  We've heard a lot about that word lately. It means being alert of and speaking out against racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia and other societal prejudices.

To hear conservatives tell it though, "woke" is a word which denotes hypocrisy and weakness. And they will attack anyone or any entity which they think shows an inkling it. It's how they connect with their resentful audience.

This includes Olympic athletes. Various conservatives on Fox News and other places went after our Olympic athletes because many of them were "woke" or outspoken against various societal prejudices. Right-wing pundits, personalities, and politicians actually rooted against America in the Olympics and cheered loudly when our athletes lost games or failed to win medals.

There was just one problem with that, as the video above shows.  America didn't exactly do so bad in the Olympics. In fact, America did well, winning the most gold medals and overall medals in the games. It only goes to demonstrate the depths some conservatives stoop in order to exploit resentment and jealousies of their audience. Nothing is genuine with them. It's all so fraudulent and pathetically artificial.

'Family of gay teacher caught in predator 'sting' sues saying cops hid evidence proving his innocence' & other Tue midday news briefs

Family of gay teacher caught in predator “sting” sues saying cops hid evidence proving his innocence - These stings are nasty and at times they tend to entrap people. This sounds like something really ugly. 

Smith College Alums Rally Funds for Gay Student Cut Off By Parents - Good looking out to the folks coming together to help this young lady. 

NJ conversion therapy “experts” lose big in court to tune of $3.5 million - Give it up, turn it loose. Get up off the money. 

Snickers apologizes for wildly homophobic commercial - Uh uh, Snickers. You wasn't right for this.