Monday, February 12, 2024

Virginia Democrats repeat victory from last year. Eleven anti-trans bills defeated in legislative session.

Just like the Kansas City Chiefs repeated as Super Bowl champions on Sunday (you know I had to throw in a Super Bowl reference taking into account the right-wing hysteria around Taylor Swift), Virginia Democrats repeated a feat they accomplished last year.

They killed all of the anti-trans bills proposed during a legislative session. Although to be fair, Virginia legislators accomplished their feat by Friday, while the Chiefs had their victory two days later.

Virginia lawmakers have killed all of the anti-transgender bills that had been introduced during this year’s legislative session. The Senate Education and Health Committee on Thursday in a 9-6 vote tabled Senate Bill 37, which Equality Virginia said would have forcibly outed transgender students. 

A Virginia House of Delegates subcommittee on Tuesday killed an identical measure, House Bill 670. The Senate Education and Health Committee also on Thursday in a 9-6 vote killed Senate Bill 68, which would have banned trans students from school sports teams that correspond to their gender identity. The same committee on Thursday tabled an identical measure, Senate Bill 723. House subcommittees on Tuesday killed two bills — House Bill 1120 and House Bill 1229. 

 Lawmakers killed or tabled an anti-trans “Women’s Bill of Rights” that had been proposed in both General Assembly chambers. The Senate Education and Health Committee on Thursday by a 9-6 vote margin killed Senate Bill 671, which would have banned transition-related health care for minors in Virginia.

Last year, they killed 12 bills. This year it was 11.  Virginia Democrats holding majorities in the state Senate and the House (which they won during last year's election) was the reason they were able to kill the anti-trans bill during this year's session.

I am especially sharing this for two reasons - 1. Never completely give in to sadness. There is good in the world and people fighting tooth and nail for your rights. 2. VOTING MATTERS. The victory in Virginia took place because people voted the right folks in office. NEVER believe that your vote doesn't matter, regardless of what someone attempts to make you believe. Your vote matters just like YOU matter. It is your voice.

image taken from The Advocate.