Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Right-wing pastor claims homosexuality is a demonic spirit taking over children because it wants our seed . . . or something like that

Kent Christmas

One of the "duties" this blog has when it comes to monitoring religious right lies is to remind LGBTQ folks that lies spread about us in the past can't ever be easily dismissed. This is because they continue to be repeated and believed by a segment of the population.. I don't like doing and folks don't like being reminded of it, but it's necessary.

Take for example this claim by religious right pastor Kent Christmas in what looks like a megachurch sermon. He adds a new dimension to the "gays want to recruit" children lie:

Okay, who told him. Seriously can't you queens keep a secret?  And don't think I didn't catch the part about "seed." Let's NOT go there.

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch

'The controversy of straight actors portraying LGBTQ characters' & other Wed midday news briefs

Rami Malek

Hollywood loves queer stories, but apparently not queer actors. - I don't prescribe to the theory that only LGBTQ people should play LGBTQ characters. I think that misses the point. The point is not making LGBTQ people feel like commodities, i.e.actors exploiting our lives to gain awards and acclaim. Heterosexual actors shouldn't be called brave for portraying us while issues of actual LGBTQ people get minimized or ignored. 

How an Atlanta basketball team went from Republican hands to LGBTQ ownership - Oop! 

Biden highlights LGBTQ rights in UN General Assembly speech - Like I said before, voting matters. 

11 Hispanic people who had an impact on LGBTQ rights in America that you may not know - Our history is multicultural and universal. 

Trystan Reese on how to deal with bullying while raising amazing kids - Awww! These aren't tears. I've been eating onions. LOL