Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family Research Council using fraudulent pamphlet in anti-gay ad

The Family Research Council is speaking against broadening an anti-discrimination ordinance in Holland, MI. How the organization has chosen to do so is raising alarm:

A community group that is trying to make Holland more accepting of gay people planned to meet Wednesday, July 28, to decide how to respond to a full-page advertisement in the local daily newspaper that one of its leaders said included "blatant untruths" about gay people.

. . . The ad, which was sponsored by the Family Research Council and Request Foods and published July 23 in The Holland Sentinel, made reference to efforts toward broadening the city's anti-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity. The Holland City Council has referred the measure to its Human Resources Commission for review.

The ad stated that "pro-homosexual activists" were trying to give Holland gays and lesbians "special protections" under employment discrimination laws and called homosexuality a choice that is "harmful to individuals and to society."

The ad, which can be viewed here, contains the standard religious right propaganda  about the lgbt community, i.e. we are mentally diseased, we don't need protection from discrimination, and people can change their sexual orientation.

But here is where things get interesting. FRC doesn't provide references for any of their claims in the ad except one. On the far lower right corner of the ad is the image of a pamphlet that the ad invites people to consult.

The pamphlet is called The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality.

And I've talked about this pamphlet before.

To recap, The Top Ten Myths About Homosexuality is a fraudulent piece of work with many problems in regards to veracity including:

1. Ten Myths repeats the lie that the Robert Spitzer study proves that homosexuality is changeable, excluding the fact that Spitzer has said on more than one occasion that his research was being distorted.

2. Ten Myths utilizes the work of  the organization National Association for  Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). The website Truth Wins Out calls NARTH  a discredited "ex-gay" fringe organization that peddles fraudulent "cures" for homosexuality.

3. Most importantly, Ten Myths intentionally distorts information to make it seem that negative behaviors, i.e. drug and alcohol abuse, are indicative of the lgbt orientation. The pamphlet accomplishes this by citing data in regards to the lgbt community and such negative behaviors while omitting the fact that much of the data places the blame on homophobia for these negative behaviors.

It is apparent that in the fictional world inhabited by the Family Research Council, lgbts being able to live without fear of discrimination is a sin, but lying about the lgbt community is allowed.

Hat tip to Truth Wins Out

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Another study confirms lgbt households and other Monday midday news briefs

U.Va. study: Adoptive children of lesbian and gay couples developing well -Religious right freak out soon to come.

Fight Inequality with Inequality? - A needed discussion on the tactics we need to and don't need to use in pursuit of equality.

Vague language stalls gay rights measure - Not good news at all.

The American Spectator’s embarrassingly ignorant attack on Sherrod - As this story ebbs away, members of the right can't help using it to make total fools of themselves. The spin here is that Sherrod was "lying" when she said a relative was lynched because he was "merely" beaten to death.

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National Organization for Marriage needs to disavow its 'zany' followers

During its failed Summer Marriage Tour, it is obvious that the National Organization for Marriage is trying to incite anger in the lgbt community and allies in order to fuel their propaganda.

It's all a part of their routine of being fake victims. But before this can succeed, NOM needs to not only address those in its ranks, such as Lou Marinelli, but also those who support their cause, like this guy:

This is Larry Adams and if you think his comments are interesting, check out his sign which he envisions his "solution" to marriage equality:

Maggie Gallagher really needs to talk to her people. If you are going to pretend like you are a victim, it's helpful not to advocate the lynching of those you claim to be victimized by.

Hat tip to NOM Tour Tracker and Bilerico.

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