Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The anti-gay right and their exploitation of children

As many of you already know, I am working on an update of my 2013 online booklet, How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.

I had wanted How They See Us to be a booklet that anyone could pick up and begin to understand the inner workings of anti-lgbt propaganda. I'm of the opinion that our community and leaders have not fully done the right job of educating the masses (instead of our cliques and circles who seem to approach this material with an annoying jadedness) as to what exactly is anti-gay propaganda and how do the purveyors of this propaganda exploit people of faith.

I think I accomplished just a little of this. My booklet was a huge smash with over 50,000 hits and downloads. With this update, I hope to excise some things, add new things, and in general talk about marriage equality and the religious liberty farce.  I'm not going for shock with this update, but I don't intend to hold anything back. I make NO promises that I won't offend some folks on our side of the spectrum with some of the images I will show. Nothing violent, mind you. But I want a reaction. Anything which can yank some of us out of our apathy about anti-lgbt propaganda.

Don't worry regarding Kim Davis. I'm trying not to include much of her because we've seen enough of THAT woman already. However, one thing we haven't talked about enough is how anti-gay groups, personalities, and their supporters exploit people's fear of lgbts around children. That's one subject we really need to discuss because the hallmark and center of almost every anti-lgbt campaign is the lie that gays want to recruit, indoctrinate, have sex with, or basically harm kids.

One of the additions to the update will be an entire page devoted to images over the years of this  lie. Below are just a few of the images I will be presenting, as well as some words of truth from an anti-lgbt leader himself about how the folks on his side are clearly lying. But I won't tell you about those words. Just look at the images. Even in rough draft form, they make me ill. And about that last image from the Equality Ordinance fight in Houston? The image which demonizes the transgender community? Oh, it will be used.

'Gay comedian of color talks about lack of diversity in comedy' & other Tue. midday news briefs

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World Congress of Families spreads homophobia on a global scale

As the anti-gay World  Congress of Families (or as I call them, the Legion of Homophobia) is set to begin their "conference" in Utah today, the following video shows just how damage it has done to the livelihood of the global lgbt community thus far: