Saturday, June 08, 2013

Shameless promotion Saturday - How They See Us

Hey everyone, seeing that this weekend is rather uneventful, I thought I would take the time to continue to promote my booklet How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America.

How They See Us is probably one of the only few of its kind to call out and addresses specific bigoted claims lodged against the lgbt community by the religious right.  Through a use of graphics, photos, and information gleaned  from online, How They See Us exposes the cynical way religious right groups deliberately distorts science and religion to spread vicious propaganda while claiming that such propaganda is merely an expression of their religious liberty.

Since its posting on Scribd in January, How They See Us has gained tremendous underground success, garnering over 26,000 readers as well as being at one time the fourth most read nonfiction book and the number one most read political book on Scribd. And now I am working to unveil free hard copies at SC Pride in September, as well as attempting to reach the 50,000 reads threshold. If you have read it or downloaded a copy, by all means do so. It's free. If anyone has any problems, with the download and would like an adobe acrobat copy, email me at
HowThey See Us