Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Top 10 Ridiculous 1980s Music Videos (you just KNOW LGBTQs are included)

As I've noted before, in this age of Trump, the LGBTQ community finds itself fighting tooth and nail for the rights we recently won and also not to be pushed back in the closet. And we are going to win, too. 

But with that in mind, there needs to be some time where we can cool off and laugh. This is why from time to time on this blog, I am going to feature things designed to be totally fun and frivolous, such as this video, which had me laughing and going back to memory lane at the same time.

This countdown of the Top 10 ridiculous music videos of the 1980s is simply brutal but it is on point as it calls out the bad dancing, shoved down your throat symbolism, silly homoeroticism, and how an idea of using gay men as a bad big reveal was just stupid.

I will give you a hint about the number one video. I featured it on this blog years ago because it infamously ruined a musician's career.