Tuesday, April 15, 2014

'Porno Pete' LaBarbera still in Canadian jail

LaBarbera arrested in Canada. .

The following is from the blogger Joe Jervis:

 . . . according to Canadian anti-gay crackpot Bill Whatcott, who was arrested with LaBarbera yesterday. Early this morning Whatcott posted a message to the wingnut forum Free North America:

Please pray for Peter. I have been released on my own recognizance and have to appear in court to answer to these charges on May 26th. Peter on the other hand remains in custody and is facing a hearing tomorrow before Border Services. Notwithstanding, I am Peter's co-accused, our lawyer Tom Schuck has requested I act as Peter's counsel at the immigration hearing. I have no idea where the hearing is going to be held, but I do have the case law (all of it my own) that I can present to the Immigration Arbitrator and hopefully convince him/her that indeed Peter and I have reasonable grounds to believe we were not violating the law and hopefully I can get Peter released from custody tomorrow on his own recognizance, so he can leave Canada on his own. Please pray for this. Seeing as Tom requested I act as Peter's counsel, I have to call off my prophetic witness and book promotion at the University of Saskatchewan. None the less, just as General Douglas MacArthur said, "I will return." 

So apparently LaBarbera is still in jail. I'm guessing that he will be released tomorrow, return to the United States, and will begin his "I was jailed for standing up against the gay agenda" tour which will be sure to follow.

This controversy reminds me so much of an incident which took place a couple of years ago in Massachusetts. David Parker, a parent, deliberately got himself arrested and claimed that he was being persecuted for supposedly keeping his son's school from "indoctrinating him to accept homosexuality."

South Carolina's 'Axis of Jackasses' threatens higher education over lgbt issues

The controversy in South Carolina with regards to legislators feuding with two state universities over lgbt-themed issues is beginning to resemble a cross between a Greek tragedy and bizarre existentialist play.

Let's recap - SC legislators are in a loud, very unnecessary snit with the College of Charleston and the University of South Carolina Upstate over the assigning of two gay-themed books to students and a now-canceled lecture which the legislators claim would have "recruited" students to be gay.

One can pinpoint the legislators who caused the controversy and who is making the most noise. First there is State Sen. Mike Fair who has, throughout the controversy, insulted lgbt South Carolinians:

Mike Fair
 (Mike) Fair said in a TV interview this week that Upstate students needed to be exposed to gay-themed materials and programs like "they do skinheads and radical Islam. They don't need to be exposed to it."

In another interview, Fair made vague comments about the so-called dangers of gay sex