Monday, February 08, 2016

The sad, sad history of 'straight pride' parades

What you are seeing in the above picture is "history," so to speak. According to Unicorn Booty:

In 2015, Anthony Rebello promised to celebrate heterosexuality by holding a massive straight pride parade in Seattle. He invited thousands of people via Facebook, writing: “In the name of equality & equal rights, I have created this event to celebrate our right to be heterosexual, and to encourage younger heterosexuals that they should be proud of their heterosexuality.”

 . . . The parade was held on July 25, 2015. Rebello clutched a bunch of black and white balloons and a “STRAiGhT Pride” sign made of a ragged chunk of cardboard. Proudly clad in the traditional heterosexual male garb of ill-fitting pants, a rumpled T-shirt and an unflattering hat, Rebello marched on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, alone, and we mean alone—literally no one else joined the parade.

Believe it or not, there have actually been six cases of heterosexuals attempting to initiate "straight" pride parades and flopping miserably. Unicorn Booty has catalogued them all in A Short, Stupid History of Straight Pride Parades.

'Some complain Superbowl halftime show 'promoted' homosexuality' & other Mon. midday news briefs

A Lot Of People Are Angry Thinking The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was 'Promoting Homosexuality' - Seriously, are you kidding me? Youtube has scores of videos featuring football players getting depantsed during plays (and they don't wear underwear), but its the rainbow during the Superbowl halftime show which gets people upset? Not even the basically see-through football pants, but the rainbow during the halftime show. 

 Maine’s Governor Takes A Nasty Swipe At Transgender Kids - Back off, LePage. You've got enough troubles as it is. 

 How Marco Rubio Crusades Against Gays and Women While Still Being Labeled 'Moderate' - Because he lies then plays the victim.

Rubio Faith Staffer Eric Teetsel: Marco Just As Extreme As Ted Cruz - Far be it from me to pile on . . . but I just plain don't like Marco Rubio.  

For gay Republican in N.H., Carly Fiorina ‘sealed the deal’ - Before asking this man "have you lost your ever loving mind," read the article. Carly isn't playing straight (oooh, bad pun) with voters. 

 A Principal Is Getting Praised After Standing Up For Trans Kids - We need more folks like this principal.

How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People

In tribute to all of the so-and so's who claimed that last night's Superbowl halftime show "promoted" homosexuality, I present this old, but very pertinent video called "How Homophobia Sounds to Normal People"