Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did someone suddenly declare war on lgbt youth?

I am at a loss for words tonight. Two awful stories and I don't understand either one. Did someone suddenly declare war on our lgbt children?:

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Asst. AG won't stop harrassing gay student and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Michigan’s Assistant AG Harrassing Gay Student: ‘I Don’t Have Any Hate In My Body At All’ - Suuure you don't.

Math is hard: Media outlets fumble with CDC data on MSM HIV rates - Not that it matters to the religious right.

LGBT orgs launch site on NOM - What took them so long?

PFLAG marks 20 years of support to family, friends of gays, lesbians - Something to celebrate.

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Jamal Parris, one of Eddie Long's accusers, gives a sad, riveting account

All I can say here is that this is sad:

Partial transcript:

''I loved him. I'm always going to have love for the things that he taught me.... You finally have a father that you've always wanted for and always dreamed of.... He would just walk away from you if you don't give him what he wants. So you end up turning into something you never thought you would be, which is now a slave to a man that you love....

''So, while the media and the rest of the people around the city, around the country look at us like how could grown men let another man touch him, what you have to understand is this man has manipulated us since childhood.... This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us. That's not a father, that's a predator.... You are not a man, you are a monster.''

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