Friday, September 12, 2014

'What the heck is 'pro-gay sharia' law?' & other Friday midday news briefs

Cardinal Francis George Says American Catholics Are Being Forced To Live Under Pro-Gay Sharia Law - What! Wouldn't that be a contradiction in terms? 

Video: If nothing else will get you to 'Ex-gay Awareness Dinner' then this will—not do the trick either - Perhaps a better title of this piece should be "if nothing gets you on the toilet when you feel you need to go, this will do the trick.

Moscow Forum Attended By American Activists Ends With Call For More 'Gay Propaganda' Bans - Created "in love and to protect the children," I bet. 

 NOM Presses On With Legal Fight Against Ruling That Toppled Oregon's Gay Marriage Ban - NOM has never heard of the phrase "give it up, turn it loose." I wish I had that much money to burn.

Third Circuit Upholds New Jersey’s Ban On Ex-Gay Therapy - Excellent news! 

 Wisconsin Judges Are Granting Adoption Rights To Same-Sex Couples - Even better news!

Louisiana marriage equality loss due to multitude of errors by judge

Even though we are winning court case after court case for the cause of marriage equality, let's not forget the loss in Louisiana and how the judge came to such a outrageously bad ruling. Matt Baum of the American Foundation for Equal Rights elucidates further on this topic in the above video.