Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Linda Harvey has a SCARY obsession with gays in the schools

Linda Harvey
Have you ever seen that movie Repulsion in which the heroine (played by Catherine Denevue) is so repressed that she imagines men breaking into her house and hands coming out the walls just to violate her person?

I can't help but to think of that movie whenever I hear anti-gay activist Linda Harvey talk about lgbts. ESPECIALLY when she gets paranoid about supposed "gay indoctrination in public schools.

Girlfriend, you got PROBLEMS!

'Photo campaign looks at HIV-positive people' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

FRC's newest star pushes same old animus - The Family Research Council has a new fake expert. Does this mean Peter Sprigg is on his way out and I have a new figurative punching bag? 

Photo Campaign Documents A Day In The Life Of HIV-Positive People - An excellent photo campaign. I like it!  

Tennessee Pastor Robert Gallaty Suggests Gays 'Must Be Put To Death' Or Remain Celibate - Uh sheeiiiiiit! You must be crazy!

 Out LGBT Candidates Advance Closer To Making History In Massachusetts - Sweeeeet! 

 Duck Dynasty Patriarch: Sexual Diseases Are God’s ‘Penalty’ For Homosexuality - What was that line in that episode of Designing Women:
Imogene, get serious! Who do you think you're talking to? I've known you for 27 years, and all I can say is if God was giving out sexually transmitted diseases to people as a punishment for sinning, that you would be at the free clinic all the time! ... and so would the rest of us!

Fox News makes a dig about gays in talking about Ray Rice incident

How can anyone in the media exploit the awful Ray Rice controversy to attack the lgbt community? Just watch this video of the folks on Fox News:

On Fox News’s Outnumbered Tuesday, guest host Bernie McGuirk asserted that former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice would have received a harsher punishment had he knocked out a gay man or white woman rather than his black then-fiancĂ©e Janay

It stands to reason that if Rice was seen punching anyone else other his then-fiance on that video, he probably would have gotten into deeper trouble, whether that person be gay or heterosexuals.  And therein lies the problem with the entire situation, i.e. how the NFL handled it.

While McGuirk was making a good point, he could done without looking as if he was attacking the lgbt community.

With regards to the Dolphin player, Don Jones, who was supposedly sent to "reeducation camp" for negative tweets about Michael Sam, the Dolphins are a private company and Jones is their employee. He was speaking about a situation relative to his employment and therefore paid the penalty.

I certainly would like to express a public opinion on things which have to do with my job but I have the common sense to keep my mouth shut.  The idea that free speech doesn't come with consequences or should be practiced without a degree of discernment is dumb as hell.