Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Far-right podcaster Tim Pool blames drag queens for Hurricane Hilary, earthquake in California

The question here isn't would the LGBTQ community be blamed for Hurricane Hilary and the recent earthquake in California. It was rather who would do it now that Pat Robertson is dead.

It looks like far-right podcaster Tim Pool takes that spot. But he doesn't blame the entire community. Just drag queens.

For the record, a decade ago I performed twice in drag as part of charity events. If drag queens can cause natural disasters, I may have to go back to performing. I do love having power.

Also as long as we're pushing insane conspiracy theories, let me say that there is reason why Pool is almost never seen without his little black cap. Supposedly it hides the hole in his head where his brain would be if he had one. Or another face which is grosser looking than the one he shows off in public.

But that's just a theory.

Hat tip to LGBTQ Nation and @PimToolNews  

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