Thursday, February 06, 2014

Refuting anti-gay lies about President Obama before they are repeated

Part of the ability of calling out conservative and anti-gay rights groups is understanding their "talent" - as it is - of creating a phony moral panic based upon cherry-picked information or the sin of omission.

With that in mind, in the above video snippet from this morning's National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama speaks out against BOTH religious persecution and anti-lgbt persecution in the name of religion.

Now, if I know my anti-gay hysterics like I think I do, in the coming days, we may either hear the conservative and anti-gay talking points that President Obama "labeled Christians as persecutors" or he had the nerve to "compare religious persecution with countries simply attempting to stop homosexual indoctrination."

I have been wrong before with my predictions and I wouldn't mind being wrong now.

But don't be surprised if I'm not.

'Janet Mock rejoins Piers Morgan to take care of business, still gets disrespected' and other Thursday midday news briefs

The Daily Caller is a piece of trash.
Janet Mock Rejoins Piers Morgan Following Controversial Interview - Janet Mock returns to Piers Morgan to T.C.B. (take care of business) 

Daily Caller Uses Transphobic Slur Against Activist Janet Mock - And when she does, she still gets disrespected. There is absolutely NO excuse for this. We simply MUST demand more integrity and class from our news publications. What's next? African-American or Anti-Semitic slurs?

Beelzebub the wedding planner: Franklin Graham says Satan is behind marriage equality - In so much less of the time it took the Rev. Billy Graham to build his reputation, his son Franklin is destroying it. 

  World Congress of Families: Criticism Of Putin Is Liberal Media Hysteria - So the stories and images we see coming from Russia - which is the result of Putin's anti-gay push - is a sign of mass hypnosis, huh? Bull.

  How Russia's Ban On 'Gay Propaganda' Is Being Enforced - These are the stories the above anti-gay group will conveniently omit.

United Nations Condemns Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws - Speaking of which . . .

Common sense on marriage equality from Scotland

Scotland recently became the 17th country to allow marriage equality. This video from the Scottish government regarding the passage of the legislation should be required viewing for everyone, particularly those folks who are always whining about being called bigots for opposing marriage equality.