Saturday, January 08, 2011

Just one statement about this awful situation in Arizona

As the information filters in and folks are arguing, this is what I think - those who have power and influence via public office or the media must be careful as to what they say and those whose job is to educate as journalists must take it upon themselves to do their damn jobs rather than pursue a line of attack. You never know how your words may affect someone.

I don't care what is said. No one will be able to convince me that the madness we bore witness to today is not associated with all of the nonsensical and unnecessary rhetoric we had to deal with in 2010.

If words like "death panels" and portents of doom about the "end of America" are thrown around needlessly, then what the hell does anyone think all of it would lead to? If you scare people by making them think that their very livelihoods are in danger by who is elected to public office, why is it so impossible to realize that one loony loner will take you seriously?

Because it only takes one.

C.S. Lewis said it best - "This is the warning."

The question is what are we going to do to heed the warning?

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Phony page of Arizona shooter praising Obama now on Facebook

Someone with a NASTY sense of humor has put up a phony facebook profile page of the Arizona shooter Jared Laughner, complete with pictures of Obama, Stalin, Castro, and Saul Alinsky.

The page also features a quote from historical figure Emma Goldman. Goldman was blamed when President McKinley was assassinated. Lastly, the profile claims that the shooter is gay.

Nothing I can say will suffice except to ask that everyone reading this should report that page as fake. Go on the link (hold your nose if you have to) and click on the report button.

It's in the menu on the left. Bottom of the left sidebar, hit "Report/Block This Person." Put it up as a fake profile, impersonating a public figure.

UPDATE - GOOD JOB! The page is now gone.

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Is this the Arizona's shooter's youtube address?

According to Joe Jervis, the shooter in Arizona has a youtube address. These are the videos on the address and if Jervis's allegation turns out to be true, they speak for themselves:

And the following is a video he marked as a favorite:

It only takes one nut and one opportunity. Our prayers need to be with all of those caught in the middle of this madness.

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Porno Pete LaBarbera accuses me of being a hypocrite while ignoring his own activities

Porno Pete LaBarbera isn't happy with last night's post on the pseudo-controversy of Matt Barbera's "limp wrist." He sent me the following email:

You try to discredit an obvious and ridiculous (and devious, though childish) attempt to portray Matt Barber as a limp-wristed gay guy and you consider yourself a watchdog for accuracy?! A bigger man would have said, yeah, that's a cheap shot, that's not right... But you are a small man. Grow up, Alvin, and repent. You are such a hypocrite.

LaBarbera accusing me of taking a cheap shot is like a nymphomaniac accusing someone of being slutty.

I present Exhibit A:

The persons in this picture is's Jeremy Hooper and his partner celebrating their wedding. But Peter manipulated to publicize his group's ridiculous upcoming banquet.  He may not agreed with Hooper's wedding, but it wrong for him to distort the wedding photo the way he did.

And it's not the first time that Peter has done something like this. He has taken photos of a transgender friend of mine, Autumn Sandeen, and used them to demonize her and the entire transgender community.

And let us not forget the doctored photo of openly gay Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA)  he used to make an absolutely stupid argument that men need to fear being "felt up" by gay TSA agents.

So just who is the hypocrite here? Or better question - who is the one most indicative of a movement of liars who,  while they talk about Christian values, have their hands so deeply dipped in slime that it's coming up to their shoulders?

Remember what I said last night about poking fun at LaBarbera is so enjoyable that is should be considered fattening?

I think I just gained five pounds from this post.

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