Tuesday, April 09, 2013

'NOM supporters contradict the organization's message' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Some folks have wondered why I didn't do my usual morning post. There is a simple reason. This morning, I got violently ill and subsequently spent a considerable amount of time bowing to the porcelain deity in my bathroom. I'm still quite ill but not quite as nauseous. So forgive me if the following news briefs turn out to be today's only post. However, in the event that something "good" happens, I will crawl on my computer and post it: 


No matter how much NOM tries to portray its anti-gay cause as “loving,” we can always count on the organization’s supporters to give us the real deal.

 In other news:  

A look at top twelve Obama LGBT appointments - For your edification. 

 Conservative writer attacks MSNBC host (and child) in one of the most mean-spirited pieces you will ever read - Jeremy Hooper is right here. There is NO excuse for this trash masquerading as a column.

 Being Gay at Jerry Falwell's University - Fascinating article.

 Tiven: Gay couples will not ‘be included’ in immigration reform bill - All together now . . . BOOOOOO!!!