Monday, July 24, 2023

Ron DeSantis's presidential campaign is shaping up to be a #DeSaster


This couldn't be happening to a more deserving son-of-a-bit . . .  I mean person.

From The Orlando Sentinel (by way of Yahoo News):

Gov. Ron DeSantis had a difficult weekend on the culture war front, re-doubling his defense of the state’s controversial new Black history standards as a new report revealed a now-infamous anti-LGBTQ ad was actually made within the campaign itself. A pro-DeSantis account also tweeted a video that included alleged imagery of a Nazi symbol. Though reports that it had been retweeted by a DeSantis campaign staffer before it was deleted were unconfirmed, Florida Democrats pounced. DeSantis’ continuing cultural battles come amid reports that his presidential bid is planning a “reboot” following worsening poll numbers and a major shedding of cash.

 . . . “What’s happened is what might be expected, and I did expect,” said Mac Stipanovich, a former Tallahassee Republican consultant who has been a frequent critic of DeSantis. “The campaign is proving to be a clown car. Malevolent clowns, but clowns just the same.” 

 And this is just a small portion of a wonderful article chock full of DeSantis campaign missteps, blatant lies, and pitiful evasions, all of which gives us a front row seat of what happens when an empty suit decides to run for president without any integrity or substance to back up his verbal bravado. The DeSantis campaign is so bad, one has to wonder if it is a victim of deliberate internal sabotage.

DeSantis is also facing negative press in other areas which are not included in the article, such as his threat to sue Bud Light over its partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney and a leaked transcript from a canceled Showtime documentary about his time as a junior Navy officer at the Guantánamo ​prison camp. The transcript alleges that he was present at force feedings and tortures of prisoners.

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