Monday, November 21, 2016

'TX bill would force schools to out lgbt students to their parents' & other Mon midday news briefs

Texas lawmaker’s bill would force schools to out LGBT students to their parents - For folks who generally like to claim that lgbts will harm children, they certainly do a lot of harm themselves.  

Meet the Texas Lawmaker Who Wants Schools to Out LGBT Students - More on this issue courtesy of Unicorn Booty.

Activists around the world mark Transgender Day of Remembrance - Never forget and always work for progress.  

To feel worthy of survival, he would need to make something of his life - He survived the Orland Massacre. What does he do now with his life? 

POZ Stories - I don't talk about or put up enough stories about people with HIV. These stories are wonderful.

Eight times Mike Pence proved that he doesn't support lgbt equality

Rumor control has it that certain people are attempting to claim that VP-elect (and former Indiana Gov) Mike Pence isn't anti-lgbt and my community shouldn't fear the fact that he now has a huge seat of power in standing against our equality.

Well I could go over his long history of anti-lgbt statements and actions (and I have a feeling that I will need to do so in the future), but for now, we are lucky to have a video of him in 2015 attempting to defending Indiana's anti-lgbt "religious freedom" law

I've run this video several times and the reason why is because no one has really held Pence's feet to the fire over his statement (or lack of one) in it. And that's a shame because look where he is now: