Wednesday, August 07, 2019

And now a word about homophobia, 'acceptance,' and 'tolerance'

I ran across an image on Twitter today which caught me a bit:

This is what some homophobes are claiming today - that they are merely pushing back against the LGBTQ community because we want too much and that we are attempting to force them to supposedly accept us and give us access to their children.

It's a cute lie because that has always been the argument of the religious right and their supporters - that somehow we are outsiders who are overstepping our bounds.  And that any lies told about us (such as how we are supposedly trying to "recruit children") is acceptable because Christians who practice the faith like them (note the cross in the image) are the real victims.

This is nothing more than sad tripe which enshrines ignorant presumption and false privilege. It's ridiculous to think that our goal is to seek "tolerance" or "acceptance" from heterosexuals, as if they are some higher power.  It deliberately casts the LGBTQ community as outsiders and erases not only our humanity but also our families.

We don't need "tolerance" or "acceptance" from heterosexuals. Nor do we need their respect. What we want and will get is merely the thing which belongs to us - the ability to live our lives by our rights of self-determination. And not in accordance to the whims and prejudices of others.

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