Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama to sign hate crimes bill Wednesday afternoon, my clock to go up Wednesday night

Finally on Wednesday afternoon at 4:45 p.m., a bit of justice will prevail:

President Obama will sign lgbt inclusive hate crimes legislation into law

President Obama intends to sign into law Wednesday a long-sought hate crimes protection measure as part of a major defense bill, according to an administration source.

The president plans to pen his name to the fiscal year 2010 defense authorization bill, which includes a provision known as the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The measure would make illegal hate crimes based on actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity, among other categories, and would allow the Justice Department to assist in the prosecution of such crimes.

And in related news, my online countdown clock will go up Wednesday night.

For those not in the know, allow me to explain.

Religious right groups and their cohorts have been spreading the lie that this new law attacks free speech. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they say it will lead to such things as pastors not being able to say that homosexuality is a sin for fear of being arrested for hate crimes violation.

My clock will serve as a reminder of just how inaccurate this claim is.

It will show how long it takes from Obama signing the legislation to a pastor getting arrested for merely preaching that homosexuality is a sin.

Of course no pastor will ever be arrested for simply preaching that homosexuality is a sin and that's the point of my clock - to show the inaccuracy of this claim.

And on a larger scale, I want to demonstrate just how ugly and empty the tactics religious right groups use to scare people of faith.

Lastly, I hope to challenge the lgbt community to be more assertive in refuting religious right lies.

Just think - if they are wrong about this claim (and they are), just what else are they wrong about? What lies are they getting away with because we haven't been aggressive enough in challenging them?

The only problem I've run into is trying to find an html program of an online clock. I used to have the sites saved but can't seem to find them now.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Lgbt rights makes James Dobson's hands all sweaty and other Monday midday news briefs

Dobson: 'It's Coming Apart' - The advancement of lgbt rights makes Dobson's hands all sweaty (that's a direct quote)

It's just good for FRC that crimes against truth aren't tracked - Family Research Council mantra - "if at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again.

Judge denies Prop. 8 backers delay on memos - Give it up, turn it loose boys and girls.

The rise of the gay dad - A story that needs to be told often

Maine’s “Yes” Side Claims LGBT Groups Contributed $5 Million to Defeat Question 1 - More lies from the anti-gay marriage folks in Maine.

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The increasingly rude attacks on Kevin Jennings' character and James Dobson gets involved

If you think that yesterday's post on just how twisted and determined people are to demonize Kevin Jennings was bad, check out the following video. It defies all description:

UPDATE - As you may have noticed, the video has been pulled. For those who did not see it, the video featured a picture of Kevin Jennings with someone else's mouth superimposed on his saying all sorts of rude things such as "indoctrinating children into homosexuality" and comparing it to a drug dealer gtting people hooked on his supply.

UPDATE 2 - The video has returned but with some changes. The author claims that it's a parody and repeats lies about the incident with Brewster:

Meanwhile, this is what James Dobson had to say about Jennings on his radio show:

Beyond the criticism of Jennings's past and fears of his future work, Jennings symbolizes Dobson's "greatest nightmare."

"I have been fighting for family values, and marriage, and family, and for schools that honor the values and principles that parents believe in for 25 years. And it's coming apart," Dobson said. "It's unbelievable what's taking place. And Kevin Jennings is the quintessential expression of that far left agenda."

So now I guess it's safe to say that Dobson has gotten officially involved in this issue.

This is not just an attack on Jennings, but the entire lgbt community.

It represents the fact that some people out there simply will not let go of their beliefs that lgbts are the "other."

Dobson says that he has been fighting for families for over 25 years. Do you think he means our families too?

Hell no.

Dobson and those like him don't see us as having families, raising children, or conducting ourselves in a decent ordinary fashion.

They don't see us as having rights and privileges like every other American.

They see us as eternal outsiders. They see us as threats to their ignorant idea of family. No matter how many lgbt families exist, no matter how many children we raise to be responsible adults, no matter how much love and support we give, it will never matter to Dobson and company.

They see us a diseased, mentally ill people trying to recruit children and silence so-called Christians.

Well it's perfectly alright for them to have those beliefs. And it's just as acceptable for us to challenge them every chance we get.

The last time I checked, this is our country too, the defintion of family belongs to us too, and no matter how many times he tries to imply it, Dobson does not sit on the right hand of God.

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