Monday, November 16, 2015

Barbie doll commercial guaranteed to send anti-gay right into ORBIT

As a guy who collects male and female action figures (I own several Wonder Woman figures), I don't see anything wrong with this commercial featuring a boy with a Barbie doll. Of course you just KNOW not everyone will be as understanding. But, while my tastes don't run to Barbie dolls, the little boy is right. She is "fierce."


'New York Times blasts Cruz for appearing with death penalty for gays' pastor, media for not caring' & other Mon midday news briefs

Sen. Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz and the Anti-Gay Pastor - There should be other venues besides the New York Times calling out Ted Cruz AND the other presidential candidates for appearing with this nut. Still, it's nice that the press also gets called out for not caring.

 Tennessee pastor lashes out after Paris attacks: ‘There is no such thing as a good Muslim’ - And he even worked in some nasty crap about marriage equality. It's always sad how tragedy brings out the worse in some people. 

The POZ 100: Celebrating Long-Term Survivors - A wonderful issue which proves that HIV isn't a "death sentence."

 Linda Harvey: Obama's Support For Equality Act, Appearance In Out Magazine Are Signs Of God's Judgment - Crazy Linda always good for giving me gas.

 Mormon Church Punishes Children For Having Gay Parents. Hundreds Respond By Quitting Church - Just in case you haven't heard, the Mormon church has a little insurrection on its hands. And it's totally deserved. 

 15 Things You Really Shouldn’t Say To Trans People - Be honest. How many of us are guilty of this?

 Last but not least, Happy 10th anniversary to Box Turtle Bulletin!!

Saturday Night Live destroys anti-transgender bathroom horror stories

In less than three minutes, Saturday Night Live destroys the horror story of "men invading women's restrooms" - i.e. the lie which led to the defeat the non-discrimination ordinance in Houston: