Monday, June 10, 2019

Silly, fake Christian group calls the LGBTQ community a '500-pound gorilla'

If you're going to smear the LGBTQ community, at least get our rainbow colors correct.

Well this is a new one for me. I've been slurred as a gorilla because of my racial heritage, but I've never been called one because of my sexual orientation.

According to Right Wing Watch, this image was included in a report by some group calling itself "Intercessors for America." Apparently to the group, "the gay lobby is like a 500-pound gorilla sitting on our religious freedoms."

A well-funded powerful movement is legalizing intimidation by attaching gender identity language to legislation and action—even those that should have nothing to do with this concept. Some say the gay lobby is like a 500-pound gorilla sitting on our religious freedoms. Powerful and well-funded. Loud and proud. Pushing to make sexual orientation/gender identity an issue in much of our civic lives, and in the end, a protected class of citizens.

Other than the image of a gorilla - tacky at beast - I fail to see what's the problem with making the LGBTQ community a protected class of citizens. This nonsense is generally par for the course as far as I'm concerned.  In this particularly case, no only does this group feel that we are like a gorilla but:  

For decades, the gay movement has been beating the drum of “born this way” to claim that they were born with the sexual attraction toward the same sex, contrary to the Bible. “It’s who we are made to be,” they would claim, adults choosing a lifestyle that is not God’s design. Eventually letters and lifestyles were added to L and G to include BTQ and a growing number of choices, identities, and preferences. It seems that the 2015 Obergefell decision, nationally and legally requiring same-sex marriage opened the floodgates for a rapid and exponential growth in sexual identity additions. 
What happened next many of us were unprepared for and are shocked by—grooming and instructing young children in sexual interests and choices, and the transgendering of our children—both emotionally and physically. We are here. It happened so fast that much of this has not even been on the radar of many Americans, and yet it is happening in every state, and in many schools and homes.

And just in case, the lie about gays wanting to "sexualize" and "recruit" children isn't hammered home, Intercessors for America" even included something about Satan and the transgender community. No matter how the anti-LGBTQ industry tries to recast itself as protectors of faith and morality, it always goes back to demonizing and dehumanizing our community.

I do one have complaint - the group could have at least been accurate about the rainbow flag colors.

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