Wednesday, April 24, 2013

AFA's Bryan Fischer - People should be fired for being gay

Sometimes, if you give bigots enough rope, they embarrass themselves so badly that you can't help BUT to put them up for display. Perfect example is Bryan Fischer whom I'm beginning to think is secretly working on our side. The above video is him defending an Ohio Catholic school for firing a lesbian teacher.

Remember that Bryan Fischer is a spokesman of the American Family Association, one of the groups designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as anti-gay hate groups. But Fischer and the AFA - along with the other groups fitting that designation - claim that they are being attacked for their so-called Christian values.

 I guess the above video is a vocalization of their so-called Christian values. Such a brazen admission of prejudice by Fischer is really nothing to get angry about. Getting angry at Fischer's need to vocalize his homophobia is the equivalent of a football team getting angry at another team for handing them the ball and allowing them to score points which will put them ahead with two seconds on the clock.

Anti-gay group mocks 'coming out of the closet' in a hideously bad video

If homophobes are constantly complaining about being unfairly labeled as "bigots," when why do they make it so easy? Allow Right Wing Watch to tell you about the above monstrosity:

Stooping to a new low, Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action is mocking the process of gay people coming out by releasing a video of a man revealing to his family that he is an adulterer and demanding affirmation.

Naturally, it ends with a clip from Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality comparing homosexuality to alcoholism.

This is the latest in a series of hideously piss poor homophobic videos coming from Porter. Remember the past hits such as:

The Criminalization of Christianity:

And Don't Homosexualize The Boy Scouts:

One more thing you should know about Porter. In 1998, she was head of a national religious right campaign which sought to persuade Americans that homosexuality was a choice which one could allegedly "walk away from." The campaign focused largely on the visibility of a man named John Paulk who claimed that he was once gay but was presently happily married and heterosexual.

Today, Paulk has issued an apology for his involvement in that campaign and the ex-gay movement at large. Meanwhile, Porter has dropped down to making triple z-level videos so bad that famed director Ed Wood would have disavowed them.

Don't you just love kismet?

'Anti-gay French legislators 'accidentally' voted for marriage equality' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Editor's note - no big calamity, folks. I am simply taking one of my half days off to deal with personal issues. I will be back tomorrow morning, full of fire, vinegar, and music. Or if something good happens later today, then you know I will be posting it.

Henri Guaino, Anti-Gay Politician, Accidentally Votes For France's Gay Marriage, Blames Wrong Button - And he is not the only one. 

Issak Wolfe, Transgender Student, Denied Chance At Prom King After Being Placed On 'Prom Queen' Ballot - What kind of mess is this? Issak would have been a shoe-in to win.

 Audio: RI anti-equality activist claims gay are going to jail families, kill priests, exterminate citizens (#RI4M) - And our opposition wonder why they are losing. They refuse to recognize how their rhetoric turns people off.  

FRC claims homosexuality exposes boys 'to predatory behavior'; says gays are 'morally aberrant to God' - And the group whines about being called a hate group. Poor babies. 

 After nasty attack on gay Iowans, GOP State Senator Dennis Guth plays the victim - And here is another phony victim.

  Iowa Republicans Threaten to Cut Salaries of Judges Who Backed Marriage Equality - And the mean spirited ignorance continues.

  Illinois Black Caucus Chair co-sponsors marriage equality bill - While WE are building bridges.