Wednesday, April 24, 2013

'Anti-gay French legislators 'accidentally' voted for marriage equality' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Editor's note - no big calamity, folks. I am simply taking one of my half days off to deal with personal issues. I will be back tomorrow morning, full of fire, vinegar, and music. Or if something good happens later today, then you know I will be posting it.

Henri Guaino, Anti-Gay Politician, Accidentally Votes For France's Gay Marriage, Blames Wrong Button - And he is not the only one. 

Issak Wolfe, Transgender Student, Denied Chance At Prom King After Being Placed On 'Prom Queen' Ballot - What kind of mess is this? Issak would have been a shoe-in to win.

 Audio: RI anti-equality activist claims gay are going to jail families, kill priests, exterminate citizens (#RI4M) - And our opposition wonder why they are losing. They refuse to recognize how their rhetoric turns people off.  

FRC claims homosexuality exposes boys 'to predatory behavior'; says gays are 'morally aberrant to God' - And the group whines about being called a hate group. Poor babies. 

 After nasty attack on gay Iowans, GOP State Senator Dennis Guth plays the victim - And here is another phony victim.

  Iowa Republicans Threaten to Cut Salaries of Judges Who Backed Marriage Equality - And the mean spirited ignorance continues.

  Illinois Black Caucus Chair co-sponsors marriage equality bill - While WE are building bridges.

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