Thursday, August 13, 2015

America, God has divorced you for having a gay affair

According to anti-gay activist Rick Wiles, God is treating America like a man who forgives his wife for many heterosexual affairs, but finds himself unable to forgive her for having a gay affair. I kid you not.


 "America has dealt treacherously with me as a treacherous wife. And He said, ‘She wants what’s beautiful and good and then she began to commit adultery with other men and I forgave her, and she did it again and I forgave her, and she did it again and I forgave her, and she did it again and I forgave her. But now she’s committing homosexual sex with another woman and I cannot look at her anymore. He said, ‘I can’t even look at her, she’s not my wife anymore. The divorce is final.’ He told me that on the day the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, God went to court too and he got a divorce.”

Well I really don't think I can add anything to that except one question - who gets the children?

'Kentucky clerk defies judge, refuses to give marriage license to gay couple' & other Thur midday news briefs

Kim Davis

Kentucky Clerk Defies Federal Judge's Order, Refuses To Issue Marriage License To Gay Couple - An update on yesterday's post. Rowan County clerk of court (Kentucky) Kim Davis is still refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples even after a judge's ruling. She is appealing yesterday's ruling and asking for a stay of the injunction. AND here comes to boom - just hours after a judge ordered her to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, her office turned away a gay couple asking for one. Apparently her counsel at the anti-gay Liberty Counsel is advising her to not comply. Word to the wise for the anti-gay right who may attempt to use Davis as a cause celebre. I've read many comment sections regarding this case and the vast majority of folks are not on Davis's side, simply because this is not a matter of victimization but a stubborn government official who wants to discriminate AND be paid for it. If the anti-gay right attempts to exploit this situation, it has the potential of wrecking their entire argument of "religious liberty." 

Kentucky High School Allegedly Omits Gay Basketball Player From The Yearbook - Kentucky is simply batting a 1,000 today. How dare the school treats a child like this!  

Chelsea Manning may face solitary confinement for having Jenner Vanity Fair issue - This is a big load of crap. So she is in jail, that doesn't mean she gets treated like an animal.

 Staver: Gay Juvenile Offenders Were Probably Sexually Abused, Which Is Why They Need Christian Counseling - Uh no. The Liberty Counsel seems to have all of its hands in icky pies. They won't win this one either. LGBT juvenile offenders do not need some fool coming in tell them that they are sinners.  

On Fox, Rev. Franklin Graham Calls For Boycott Of Target Over Removing Gender Labels From Some Children's Products - Franklin Graham is swiftly becoming a demagogic clone of his father, who was NO demagogue.