Friday, June 19, 2015

'Huckabee cannot sign NOM's anti-marriage equality pledge because . . .' & other Friday midday news briefs

Huckabee's grandstanding may have backfired.

Mike Huckabee can't sign NOM's marriage pledge; he's already vowed to not - Uh oh. Huckabee can't sign NOM's ugly anti- marriage equality pledge. At least unless he goes back on his word. I just LOVE this! 

 Brian Brown Suggests Terry and I Stole Our Son from His Biological Parents - Yesterday, I pointed out how Brian Brown said some awful things about Dan Savage's family. Later that day, Savage wrote a very polite but direct answer. And by the way, I do not blame Dan's husband, Terry, for what he said to Brown. 

This trans woman just became the first to sing at a professional sporting event - Yes this is a landmark happening. Positive visibility is always a good thing. And I bet she was awesome.  

First ever gay couple graduates from Boston Police Academy - Not bad. Not bad at ALL! 

Chad And Jeff's Story From The Let Love Define Family Series - We can't EVER get enough happy stories about same-sex parents and their children.  

Former Religious Freedom Ambassador Debunks Right-Wing Myth That Obama Ignores Christian Persecution - Not that it's going to stop the religious right from spinning lies. But it's still good to have clarification.

NOM's anti marriage equality pledge would undermine presidential candidates

Below is the pledge The National Organization for Marriage wants candidates for president to sign. The pledge would undermine the Supreme Court should it rule for marriage equality.

It also includes a couple of other things which should send a chill up your spine.  Needless to say that anyone who signs this junk will NOT be making their residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after 2016 (click on image to enlarge):

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper