Wednesday, March 04, 2020

'LGBTQ candidates chalk up big Super Tuesday wins, religious right candidates don't' & other Thur midday news briefs

Rita Moreno singing 'Everything's Coming Up Roses' cause the devil has been busy the day after Super Tuesday

Tonight will be a night of no politics on my blog simply because I am bit of a foul mood. No details, but I will say this - certain people have been attacking other people of a certain ethnic identity because these folks rejected their candidate. Definitely the "devil has been busy" the day after Super Tuesday (lighten up. it's just an expression.)

So I am going to do the most stereotypical gay thing in the world to calm the waters - or at least my soul. And that is post a video of a gay-friendly diva singing a show tune.

But this is rather different. From the 1976 motion picture version of the 1975 Broadway play The Ritz (about a man hiding in a gay bathhouse from his Mafia brother-in-law ), here is Rita Moreno singing 'Everything's Coming Up Roses.' Moreno won a Tony for her performance, which was well-deserved because only someone with a lot of  talent can pretend to be such a bad singer.