Friday, March 18, 2016

'Propaganda video smears transgender community' & other Fri. midday news briefs

Makers of a propaganda video doesn't want you to know these facts

The Most Extreme Attempt Yet To Demonize Transgender People And Deny Them Rights - Not too long ago, the religious right used propaganda videos to attack gay men. It doesn't surprise me that they are resurrecting this tactic to attack our transgender brothers and sisters. Of course the video is designed to scare people with the lie of "predators disguised as women" invading ladies locker rooms and restrooms. Media Matters has debunked this lie repeatedly, so it is the place to go for folks to get the truth. The following graphic above comes from Media Matters. 

How Charlotte Media Are Helping Anti-LGBT Advocates Attack The City's Non-Discrimination Ordinance - Speaking of Media Matters, the site points out how the media can unfortunately help spread lies about our transgender brothers and sisters.  

The Truth About Gay Men and Depression - Yep. Homophobia and basic ignorance are bitches . . . and not in good way.  

Gay U.S. ambassador rejects calls to remove him from post - Forget it. Stand firm my friend.

Someone Keeps Making Anti-Gay Flyers Featuring The Joker From “Batman” - And I thought we had problems in America. The anti-gay forces in Australia take tactics and expand on them.