Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The religious right does not own Christianity

This was heavily on my mind today. One thing I DESPISE is when anti-gay groups and spokespeople speak as if they are the only Christians in the world and their interpretation of the Bible is the only one that matters.

However, the thing I DESPISE MORE  when members of the lgbt community take the bait and begin disparaging Christianity as a whole. When some of us do that, we make a huge mistake.

We fall into the cog the anti-gay industry wants to us placed. They portray us as enemies of Christianity when such is not true. They push the idea that attaining lgbt equality is somehow detrimental to the survival of Christianity and this is an even uglier lie.

 I don't believe that God thinks that homosexuality is a sin. And I think there is more to the situation than those verses in the Bible that supposedly call out homosexuality. I think the situation is a matter of people reading verses and assuming they know what's going on WITHOUT praying to God for guidance and understanding. That's if they read the verses at all.

Instead of yielding the point to the anti-gay industry, we need to challenge them more on the idea and notion that they own Christianity and their beliefs regarding the Bible are the only ones that matter.

And we should do this also in support of our lgbt brothers and sisters who are Christian. When we take the bait and associate Christianity with people and groups like the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, Bryan Fischer, Linda Harvey, Todd Starnes, etc., we surrender our minds to ignorance and allow them to have something that does NOT belong to them, i.e the belief that they sit on the right hand of God.  I think the video below articulates the point better than I can:

'Does Alabama judge want to abolish marriage in state?' & other Wednesday midday news briefs

State Supreme Court Justice Warns He May Abolish Marriage Entirely If Same-Sex Weddings Are Allowed - I'd ask 'are you kidding me,' but nothing some folks would do to stop marriage equality surprises me anymore.

Texas Judge Rules State Ban On Same-Sex Marriage Unconstitutional - Hello, Texas!

 Duck Dynasty Dad To Receive Free Speech Award For Anti-Gay Comments - So they give out awards for that crap now? 

 Iowa Senate panel advances bill to ban conversion therapy on LGBT youth - If this is successful, Iowa would be the third state in the nation to have such a law. It's kind of a mixed bag. Only three states would outlaw this awful practice.  

Fox's Erick Erickson Rallies Supporters Behind Anti-Gay License-To-Discriminate Laws - I am so not surprised by this.  

Right-Wing Pundit: LGBT Rights The Satanic Successor To Nazi Germany - Called 'satanic' and 'nazis' in the same piece. I can't say much for girlfriend's sanity but you have admit she has one heck of an imagination.