Friday, July 13, 2012

Know Your LGBT History - Homoeroticism in Fright Night

For today's Know Your LGBT History segment, I thought I would do something entirely different.

Fright Night is a movie I already featured here a few years ago. The 1985 horror movie is about a high school student (William Ragsdale) who discovers that his next door neighbor (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire.

For the purpose of this blog, I talked about the scene in which Sarandon's character transforms the friend (Stephen Geoffreys) of the high school student into a vampire. I said that I found the scene to be incredibly homoerotic for the time in which it came out:

Fright Night was remade last year with the characters pretty much intact, albeit with more detail. Colin Farrell portrayed the vampire neighbor and the scene in which he transforms the high school student's friend (this time portrayed by Christopher Mintz-Plasse)is a bit more sinister and foreboding.

But I think there is still a touch of homoeroticism:


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'More proof of black vs. gay election wedge strategy?' and other Friday midday news briefs

More proof of the attempts to create a blacks vs. gay wedge strategy just in time for the November?:

Reverend William Owens’ Offensive Anti-Gay Politics - The above video is audio of Williams Owens at a press conference talking about marriage equality. Owens, NOM's liaison to the black church community, is spearheading a campaign asking African-Americans to "withhold" their votes from Obama because of his support of marriage equality. How convenient it is that NOM is endorsing Romney.

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In other news: 

 Hate Groups Hate Condi Rice - When I heard the RUMOR that Romney may pick Condoleeza Rice as his VP, I knew it was bull. This is why.

 Maggie makes case for 'non-scary' Huckabee; 'not scary?' ask my ring finger, peace of mind - Mark it in your books. The one time I actually agree with Maggie Gallgher. Please Romney, pick Huckabee as your VP because I've got so much anti-gay dirt on him. It's just going to waste.  

Tehachapi parents worried about gay education - Because apparently these folks obviously think that gay parents and children in same-sex households are simply myths.

 Maggie Gallagher’s Institute Attacks APA Support Of Marriage Equality With Vague Generalizations - And it took them 11 months to get this trash together. Pathetic.

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Religious right exploiting Sandusky's crime to hurt gay community

Matt Barber
The scandal about Penn State and former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky is awful and the children who were victimized by that awful man need our prayers.

But apparently some members of the religious right are using this terrible tragedy to score points against the gay community. Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania and Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel seem to be practically drooling as they made the following comments:

"Through all this we cannot ignore the fact that Jerry Sandusky's victims were all young boys. We can't ignore the homosexual aspect of this," Gramley offers. "And through Graham Spanier's tenure as president, he has brought more and more homosexual-oriented programming and events to the campus than ever before."

Adds Barber: "There also is an element of political correctness run amok here," he explains. "Anytime homosexuality is involved -- even though in this case it's a homosexual predator preying on children -- people seem to have this innate fear that they are going to be crushed by the sexual anarchist lobby if they speak out against it." Yet Barber says it is a fact that percentage-wise more sexual crimes are committed against children by homosexuals than by heterosexuals.

Neither Gramley nor Barber know what they are talking about. In fact, American Psychological Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Academy of Child Psychiatrists and the Child Welfare League of America, all say that the homosexuality and pedophilia are not linked.

Furthermore, Dr. Greg Herek, Professor of Psychology at the University of California at Davis, says the following:

The distinction between a victim's gender and a perpetrator's sexual orientation is important because many child molesters don't really have an adult sexual orientation. They have never developed the capacity for mature sexual relationships with other adults, either men or women. Instead, their sexual attractions focus on children – boys, girls, or children of both sexes. 

It's bad enough that Jerry Sandusky victimized children. It's equally sad that Barber and Gramley are attempting creating new victims in their attempt to exploit the scandal to attack the gay community.

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