Thursday, November 13, 2014

'BET editor stands up for black gays, Duck Dynasty - The Musical' & other Thursday midday news briefs

BET Editor Clay Cane Slams Black Church For Conversion Therapy: ‘Being Gay Is Not A Sin' - THANK YOU, Clay Cane for having the guts to do what unfortunately many media personalities in the black community WILL NOT do - Publicly stand up for lgbts of color.

WATCH: GOPer Who Performed Exorcism On Obama Gets The Colbert Treatment - The anti-gay Gordon Klingenschmitt gets the Colbert treatment. Go get him, Stephen!! Falsely Claims Non-Discrimination Law Would Open Women’s Restrooms To Men - Second verse unfortunately same as the first. Of course anti-gay groups are on the case with this lie.

'Ducky Dynasty' Musical Causes Friction With Gay-Friendly Broadway - Duck Dynasty The Musical? What the hell are the songs going to be? Never mind. I don't want to know.  

Why Florida Is Threatening To Cancel The Drivers Licenses Of This Same-Sex Couple - Oh lighten up, Florida! 

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! - Tomorrow afternoon on Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters will  see the return of 'Know Your LGBT History' featuring 'The Top Five LGBT Villains of Cinema.' You can start guessing who they will be now, but you will never figure out my list! I will give you a hint. This will NOT be a negative list.

South Carolina lgbts celebrate marriage equality decision

Even though the fight is far from over, South Carolina lgbts and their allies took time out to celebrate a federal judge's decision which brought marriage equality a little closer to the Palmetto State. I have to tell you, as one of was heavily involved in attempting to stop that awful 2006 ballot initiative which barred marriage equality in the state, I was as elated as the folks on this video: - Columbia, South Carolina |