Wednesday, November 02, 2016

'Ex-gay' rebrand, Catholic Church in Mexico sorry for comment about men's butts' & other Wed. midday news briefs

The bogus plan to rebrand ex-gay therapy - With the anti-lgbt industry, nothing ever goes away. It just gets repackaged.  

Republican strategist claims candidate is ‘exploiting’ anti-gay smear campaign - A presidential candidate is attacked by an anti-lgbt smear campaign but to a Republican strategist, said candidate is wrong because he is supposedly "exploiting" the campaign created to smear him. Pull up a chair. This explanation has to be epic. 

Catholic Church in Mexico apologises after saying ‘man’s anus is not designed to receive’ - Don't you just hate it when situations arise which make things too easy to be catty?

 4 Indiana cities ask judge to dismiss LGBT protections suit - We may win this one. 

 As Gay Dads, We’re Raising A Son Accepting Of Himself And Others 

 Coming Out as a Postpartum Anxiety SuffererTwo very important articles about lgbt parenting.

Religious right donor claims Christians not supporting Trump aren't mature in their faith

If you think yesterday's post on the hypocrisy of the anti-lgbt religious liberty argument was something, then you will love this post.

When it comes to lgbt equality and lgbt in general some folks who call themselves "evangelicals" (huge supporters of the anti-lgbt industry) will start going on about not being "lukewarm.

But I wonder how many feel the same way as Foster Friess, this GOP donor to a multitude of conservative Christian causes (he once backed Rick Santorum), when it comes to Donald Trump:

Apparently Jesus once said "thou shalt support the odious, egotistical vagina-grabbing lout to get the keys to my Father's house."