Tuesday, November 01, 2016

'Pro-lgbt Christian author discovers she has no 'religious liberty'' & other Tue. midday news briefs

Jen Hatmaker discovers that 'religious liberty' is only for anti-lgbt Christians.

The high cost of popular evangelical Jen Hatmaker’s gay marriage comments - In this situation regarding a Christian author who is lgbt-friendly, we see some folks regard "religious liberty" as being reserved for the type of Christianity which bashes the lgbt community. 

Christian retailer doesn't cave, cuts author from its resources - As much as I despise the American Family Association's One News Now, I will link to this article on its page to demonstrate the hypocrisy of what I was talking about in the above article. The comments are disgusting in their false piety and sanctimony.  

Study of adoptive families finds no differences for same-sex families - Yep. Another study in our favor. And every study which comes up will be featured on this blog. I'm going to beat this drum until folks know the tune by heart. 

 Why Donald Trump Unfurled An Upside Down Rainbow Flag Onstage - And why it didn't work out well for him . . .

 Steven Hotze: Gays Like ‘Termites’ Eating Away Nation’s Foundations - But we are SEXY termites.

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John Powell said...

Referring to the Jen Hatmaker story:

There is an admonishment not to judge. How many place themselves as Gods Right Hand to do just that?

Love one another. We can see how far that goes.

There is a warning to change not one word of the Bible. How much and how many times has this been done over the centuries? Even in modern times, editing is done. One notable example is, I believe, at the end of Mark 16. Some editions leave out the last few verses - you don't want to test God.

Even many that scoff at Fundamentalists will attempt a literal interpretation of the words in their Bible to justify what they do not, or refuse to, understand.

A firm adherence to ones belief is well and good. If, however, that belief includes open, demonizing condemnation of another, I must look elsewhere for guidance.