Monday, January 14, 2013

Does NOM want to dictate 'religious liberty' to other faiths?

 The clip above is the first time I have ever seen an interview with the National Organization for Marriage chairman John Eastman.

He was on Fox News today criticizing the National Cathedral because of its decision to offer services to  gay couples. To me, the points he makes are irrelevant because they emphasize his hypocrisy as well as that of NOM.

We have heard ad naseum from NOM about how marriage equality would interfere with the "religious liberty" of churches and people with faiths which tell them that homosexuality is a sin.

In an interview last year, Eastman identified himself as a Catholic. The National Cathedral is from a different faith, i.e. the Episcopal Church.

So why is Eastman and NOM meddling into the affairs of those who practice a different religion which chooses to welcome gay couples with open arms?

That's a question which should have been asked during the interview and needs to be asked of Eastman in the future.

Does NOM really believe in the concept of "religious liberty," or does the group want to dictate its beliefs to those of other faiths in regards to marriage equality?

'Vatican newspaper launches hypocritical attack on gay adoption' and other Monday midday news briefs

Vatican Paper Criticizes Gay Adoption After Italy Ruling - No offense to my Catholic brothers and sisters (what I am going to say is not meant to be ugly to you), but with the problem the Catholic Church is having regarding priests molesting children, I feel the need to stand on a mountain top with a huge megaphone and scream "YOU GOTTA CENSORED KIDDING ME! WHO THE CENSORED ARE YOU TO CRITICIZE!"

  Fox Hosts Mock, Laugh At Transgender Inmate’s Appearance - I fail to see the humor in this.

 'The homosexual movement corrupts our country' - Except in my corner of the world cause I can't find a man. I'm currently taking applications. 

 Illinois Business Leaders Endorse Marriage Equality - It's a good thing.  

Fischer Says the Anti-Gay Right is Tired of Getting 'Pushed Around' and 'Backing Down' and Vows to Push Back - Apparently all of those years of calling us diseased, oversexed child molesting, bullying freaks were their way of being nice. To put it in my childhood vernacular, Mr Fischer - AIN'T NOBODY SCARED OF YOU OR YOUR GOONS.

NOM makes a cruel attack on gay families

In case some of you do not know, there is a huge controversy in France regarding the possible legalization of marriage equality and gays adopting children and naturally the National Organization for Marriage is over there causing chaos and exploiting fears about gays and children in hopes of driving down the percentage of those who support the efforts.

Yesterday, there was a huge march against marriage equality in France in which NOM took part in or had something to do with causing - we know how this organization is when it comes to astroturfing. In fact, Jeremy Hooper has proof of NOM's filthy fingerprints with the anti-marriage equality doings in France.

But what catches my attention - and makes me absolutely nauseous, are some comic strips on NOM's blog which supposedly comes from French artists:

OK, I will accept that I have 2 Moms"
"But, then where is my Dad?"

Man on the left: “This child makes me feel hopeless”
Child: “Mommy?”
Man on the right: "Yes, she refuses to open to modernity”

But actually…. I would have loved to have a Mom”
“You are selfish! You should be happy to know that you provided happiness to your two Dads!”

Where does these comic strips come from? NOM doesn't say. Instead, it offers an interesting stereotype about the French -

The French people love satire and these three cartoons are examples of artists satirizing the proposal for gay marriage in France.

We don't know if those comic strips truly came from France or someone associated with NOM.

And it gets worse. Now for those who are not aware, NOM has a strict policy on its blog's comments section. The organization generally bars people, probably some for being rude, but mostly for making comments that the organization does not agree with. Subsequently, NOM's blog seems to have "regular" commentators who can always be counted on to attack gays in general and gang up on the one or two pro-marriage equality commentator which NOM allows through.

These regulars include (I am listing their nicknames. These may not be their real names):

Good News, Randy E. King, Barb Chamberlain, Thomas Aquinas, Son of Adam

And naturally, these folks have only good things to say about the attack on gay families:

Randy E. King -  They tried therapy dogs; now they want therapy children. Well whatever it takes to keep these people from killing themselves over the innate and immutable sense of guilt they carry for living self indulgent lives. Indentured infancy.

Barb Chamberlain -  Many children raised in the custody of same-sex guardians are asking these questions. And they're not too pleased that they've been lied to their entire lives. Children are not pets.

Of course in NOM's twisted world, children in orphanages and foster homes, as well as special needs children never seem to come up. The way NOM, and its surrogates pushes it, gays treat parenthood like going to the mall and picking out clothing and other items. And with that implication comes the next one that gays will neglect the children they care for because they only wanted them so as to be seen as "normal."

It's an ugly thing to connotate and presses the case that perhaps NOM's multitude of losses in November is causing the organization to rip off its mask of false respectability and show itself to be the vindictively homophobic group that we've all known it was to begin with.