Monday, January 14, 2013

Does NOM want to dictate 'religious liberty' to other faiths?

 The clip above is the first time I have ever seen an interview with the National Organization for Marriage chairman John Eastman.

He was on Fox News today criticizing the National Cathedral because of its decision to offer services to  gay couples. To me, the points he makes are irrelevant because they emphasize his hypocrisy as well as that of NOM.

We have heard ad naseum from NOM about how marriage equality would interfere with the "religious liberty" of churches and people with faiths which tell them that homosexuality is a sin.

In an interview last year, Eastman identified himself as a Catholic. The National Cathedral is from a different faith, i.e. the Episcopal Church.

So why is Eastman and NOM meddling into the affairs of those who practice a different religion which chooses to welcome gay couples with open arms?

That's a question which should have been asked during the interview and needs to be asked of Eastman in the future.

Does NOM really believe in the concept of "religious liberty," or does the group want to dictate its beliefs to those of other faiths in regards to marriage equality?


Anonymous said...

To answer the topic question: YES! Eliminating marriage equality is but NOM's first criteria. Creating The Republic of Gilead* is at the end of their ultimate agenda.

*Read "The Handmaid's Tale"

EvilI said...

Criticizing them really has nothing to do with their religious liberty.

But only in reality. It clearly contradicts NOM's definition of the same.

Of course, they don't stop at criticism either.

Jim TO said...

Somewhat off topic, but I have often thought that the scenario in "The Handmaid's Tale" (great movie as well) is the ultimate goal of the religious right.

Aggie Cowboy said...

Not to mention that Eastman doesn't have a clue about how the Anglican Communion is structured. Hint: It is NOT the same as the RCC and the Archbishop of Canterbury is NOT a dictatorial leader.

olandp said...

For the NOM, religious freedom means the freedom and power to force everyone else to accept and abide by their faith. We have seen time and again the moral convictions, and lack there of, of the Catholic Church. Religious freedom means that every individual may decide for one's self what they believe, not what the NOM demands one believe.