Tuesday, November 10, 2020

'Embrace Your Bullsh!t' - The Top Five Times the Religious Right practically swooned over Donald Trump

One thing we must never forget about the Donald Trump presidency is how quickly and often the religious right pandered to him.

Remember, while presently watching this mess going down with Trump refusing to concede the election wihch he fairly lost, the increase in COVID infections, and the general chaos, how conservative evangelicals contributed to it all.  These self-appointed religious leaders have done nothing and said nothing to quell the situation.  They only cared about what Donald Trump gave them and as long he gave them goodies (access to the White House, photo ops, policies favoring their desires, conservative judges), they threw plaudits after him as if he were the Second Coming of Jesus. They didn't give a damn about the damage he was doing to the country. Most likely, they still don't.


First is Gary Bauer. His claim to fame is being the first president of hate group the Family Research Council and undermining the fight against AIDS while working in the Reagan Administration. According to Reagan's Surgeon General, the late C. Everette Koop, Bauer undermined his ability to communicate to Reagan the severity of AIDS because he felt it "God's punishment."

Next is former Focus on the Family head James Dobson, the one who thinks that gays have thousands of sexual partners.

I'm including two times from Franklin Graham because honestly if kissing Trump's ass was an Olympic sport, they would have to create a special medal in Graham's honor.

And last but not least, the following is simply an embarrassing display of obsequiousness:

You love Donald Trump? Good Lord, James Dobson!

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