Wednesday, May 04, 2022

From striking down marriage equality to throwing gays off of roofs - far right conservatives spin ideas about what ending Roe would mean for LGBTQs

Ben Shapiro

While we still are up in the air on whether or not SCOTUS will end Roe v Wade, certain conservatives are preliminarily showing their collective asses. We've got the so-called respectable type (which is somewhere near a sewer) like Ben Shapiro saying that SCOTUS should next overturn Obergefell- the decision which made marriage equality legal.


 And then you got this nut below from deep below the sewer,. White nationalist Vincent James spews stream of conscious comments hope that the possible overturning of Roe will mean the return of sodomy laws, overturning of marriage equality, and - I kid you not - Justices Alito and Thomas throwing gays off of buildings. Although, I think he is reading comments from viewers of his podcast. Still, it's very disturbing, particularly hearing him laugh about violence against gays.

This is the opposition, folks. Their words may not be similar but the desire certainly is. Anyone who doesn't think certain people aren't eyeing us next should Roe be overturned is either deluding themselves or lying.

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