Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Members of evangelical right conveniently silent about Trump's racist comments

One would think that with all of the Republican infighting about Donald Trump and his racist comments about a federal judge, members of the religious right would weigh in.

So far, there has been nothing but silence and stereotypical wolf howls emanating from that side.

On the pages of the American Family Association's One News Now - nothing

The Family Research Council - nothing, although the organization has been steadily tweeting not nice comments and biased articles about President Obama and the transgender community.

Phony historian David Barton, who before the racial kerfluffle about judges, said that evangelicals must vote for Trump, has been silent.

Franklin Graham, who never lets a public occasion pass without issuing some type of statement, because he seems to think he is "America's pastor," did issue a statement on his Facebook page. But it's more about the election in general:

It seems congratulations are in order to Hillary Clinton this morning. According to the Associated Press, she now has enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination, even though Bernie Sanders disagrees and pledges to fight on. As things stand right now, it looks like the presidential election this fall will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump. As I’ve said since the beginning of the election season, I’m not endorsing any candidates—but I am appealing to all Americans to pray. This nation is in serious trouble. Both the Democratic and the Republican parties have lost the moral vision for this nation. I pray that God will give us a president who is a strong and courageous leader and who has a vision for the future. We need a president who can lead this nation back to being one nation under God so that we can truly say “In God we trust!” May God bless America again!

Seriously, Mr. Franklin. After all of the nonsense you have said about lgbts and President Obama, after all of the long statements on Facebook implying how lgbts are leading America to moral decay, this is the best you can do? Really?

Seeing that Trump is set to meet with various religious right leaders sometime this month (including  Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, James Dobson, E.W Jackson, Harry Jackson, Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, Ralph Reed,  and Pat Robertson), it may seem like good strategy for these folks to keep their mouths shut and hope that this latest mess regarding Trump blows over.

It may be good strategy but it doesn't strike me as moral or Christian.

 In times like these, genuine religious leaders need to be our moral conscience and speak out against needless attacks on federal officials and the outright demagoguery which Trump is displaying.

Of course, in the defense of the religious right, you cannot speak out against demagoguery if it is the quality which has propelled you to the high profile status you now enjoy. And  you can't show moral authority to call out racism when you are busy attempting court the favor of the one who is responsible for it whilst playing as kingmakers and power brokers? 

It's so much easier and less complicated to beat up on lgbts, isn't it? 

UPDATE - Probably to the surprise of no one, Bryan Fischer, affiliated with the American Family Association, is defending Trump's comments:

"The real question is not whether Donald Trump is a racist," Fischer said, "but whether the judge who's handling his case is and I think it's legitimate for Donald Trump to have questions about that. I'm not saying the judge is a racist either; I don't know enough to know, but I think there are legitimate questions about his ability to be impartial, objective and neutral."  

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